Average Cost of a Custom Suit: What to Expect (2024)

February 13, 2023

Tailor-made suits usually fall into two categories: custom order or bespoke. While both may be made to your measurements, a bespoke suit is much more expensive. Suits that are custom-ordered use computer-generated patterns and may only require two fittings.

While they fit you per your measurements, they are less likely to be able to accommodate how your body moves or accentuate your personal style. Before you invest in a suit and shirt, you must know the advantages of using a professional like Peter Panos Bespoke Tailor.

$500 vs. $5,000

The only similarity between a custom order suit and a bespoke suit is that they both use your measurements to create the pattern. Both may be made to your measurements, but the real test of quality is in how it’s made and the materials used.

The intimate details like hand-sewn sleeves and multiple fittings allow the tailor to understand your unique body movements and style. A $500 custom suit will fit you well standing still. A $5,000 bespoke suit and shirt will fit you no matter what you do! It will allow you to be comfortable in your confidence, knowing you look your best.

Time, Travel, Precision

Key differences between a custom order suit and a bespoke suit and shirt are the time it takes to make it, the travel involved, and the detailed precision you get from having an artisan craft your apparel. Bespoke tailoring is an art form in itself. Patterns are not computer generated; the tailor draws them with exacting precision.

It takes much longer to create a bespoke suit and shirt because multiple fittings are required. This may mean traveling to meet the tailor several times as the suit and shirt are being put together. During each fitting, the tailor will adjust the design of each pattern piece so that it naturally fits your body and movements.

Style Guidance

If you decide to work with a bespoke tailor, they will be able to offer guidance when it comes to style and fashion appeal. Every person is different in their physical appearance, mannerisms, and personality.

A bespoke tailor will design your suit and custom shirt using their years of experience and impeccable eye for fashion. For a suit to be truly bespoke, it must fit you perfectly in every way, including your personality and character.

The Suit Itself

The appearance of a suit and shirt speaks volumes. Most people can identify a bespoke suit while it is still on the hanger. Once you put it on, there will be no denying that a bespoke suit and shirt were made explicitly for you. It will move naturally with your body in such unison that someone might think of it as a second skin.

Your movements will not be restricted; you can take on any task, from dancing the waltz to hailing a taxi. Buying men’s custom suits is taken to the next level when you work with a tailor who specializes in bespoke apparel.

$500 Custom Suit

When you look closely at $500 men’s custom suits or men’s custom shirts, you will see a tailor-made item made to your measurements. You will also see many machine-stitched seams.

You will also notice that the suit may not move as freely with your body as you would have hoped. The suit may fit exceptionally well while you are sitting or standing but leaves a lot to be desired regarding freedom of movement.

$5,000 Bespoke Suit

A $5,000 bespoke suit or shirt will stand out from other custom-made items in many ways. Sleeves and collars will be hand-sewn. You will immediately notice how easily your body moves without restrictions or feeling confined.

The materials will be of the highest quality, and the workmanship will be exceptional. No detail will be overlooked, and every nuance will be addressed flawlessly. Every angle and stitch will be carefully taken into consideration.

Exact Fit for Natural Movement

It’s important to remember that when a tailor is making a bespoke suit or shirt, the pattern is not simply made-to-measure. The pattern is produced by hand and continually adjusted through a series of fittings.

All of your natural movements will be considered at each fitting. The tailor will consider how your body moves and how your clothing will naturally respond to those movements. This ensures that you will not be restricted or confined in any way.

It’s All in the Details

For a suit or shirt to be considered “bespoke,” it must be yours, both in measurements and design. A bespoke item is truly yours in every way and will not fit or look the same as anyone else. It is meant to be worn by you and only you.

When it comes to a bespoke piece of apparel, the details that make up its design are uniquely yours. It will only look its best when you are wearing it.

Bespoke suits and shirts are the highest quality pieces of equipment available. Peter Panos Bespoke Tailor understands the importance of looking your best. The way to do that is to wear bespoke clothing made by one of the business’s most brilliant and well-respected tailors. Paying a little more will get you the best bespoke clothing money can buy. Contact us today to learn more!

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Average Cost of a Custom Suit: What to Expect (2024)


How much should a custom suit cost? ›

It's challenging to specify an exact dollar amount when asking about a custom-tailored suit cost. The answer is that a well-built, tailored suit can start at $1,500 or so and climb up to $6,500 plus. Just as with a luxury car, you can get anything you desire out of a custom suit.

How much should I expect to pay for a suit? ›

The standard suit: $501–$1,000

Most men will be comfortable in this price category as the value for money seems to offer a good balance.

Are custom made suits expensive? ›

The price for an authentic, hand made bespoke Savile Row suit will start anywhere upwards of £3,500. When you factor in fabric choices, the cost can be more than £10,000.

How much is a good quality tailored suit? ›

How much should a good quality custom tailored suit cost you? Well, funnily enough, it's about the same as a regular priced off-the-rack suit: $500 to $800 range: Good quality. $800 to $1,200 range: Very good quality.

Is a $200 suit worth it? ›

It really depends on your budget, and how often/hard you're going to wear your suit. If you're looking for a workhorse suit that you can rely on 2-3 times/week, a $200 RTW number will not last. You'll end up buying a new one every six months.

What is the difference between a $500 suit and a $5000 suit? ›

$500 vs. $5,000

The intimate details like hand-sewn sleeves and multiple fittings allow the tailor to understand your unique body movements and style. A $500 custom suit will fit you well standing still. A $5,000 bespoke suit and shirt will fit you no matter what you do!

Can people tell if your suit is expensive? ›

Typically it's given away by things like the patterning, the fit, the stitches, the buttons, some peculiarities about the collar and lapels. The pockets. It is very easy if you know anything about suits. Then again, there are people who wear them every day and pay half a months salary and still look cheap.

What makes a suit so expensive? ›

Expensive Suit: Expensive suits come with a higher price tag, reflecting the use of premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and the reputation of the brand. While they may be a significant investment, they are seen as a statement of quality and style.

Do you tip for custom suits? ›

To me, tipping your tailor is a bit like tipping your urologist or your butcher. These people get paid for their work. A bottle of champagne at holiday tipping time for your alterations guy is a nice idea, though; or if he's a Muslim, like mine, you might want to substitute chocolate.

How many hours does it take to make a custom suit? ›

How do you mean “on hold”? If you go to a reputable tailor, it is very common that the professional has a lot of work to do and your suit is placed on a waiting list. In answer to the final question, the average time it takes an experienced professional tailor to fix a custom suit is 40 hours.

Is it cheaper to tailor a suit or buy a new one? ›

It is actually cost-effective

Though a tailored suit will come at a higher price than off the rack, money will undoubtedly be saved in the long run. This is because a good tailor will invest time to make sure that every inch of your suit is made to an exceptionally high standard.

What is the difference between custom and tailored suits? ›

The key difference between custom suits and tailored suits is the construction of the garment. Custom suits are designed exclusively, and the pattern is cut from scratch to fit the client's body. Tailored suits, on the other hand, are made using existing patterns, which are adjusted to flatter the client's body type.

How do you know if a suit is good quality? ›

A tell tale sign of a well made tailored suit is the shoulder line. Poorly made suits have weird ripples and dimples in the shoulders and the sleeve head. This is caused by cheap padding and lack of canvas.

How do you tell if a suit is well tailored? ›

Here are a few things to look for to determine if a suit is well-made or not.
  1. Hand-Made Button Holes. Also called “Milanese buttonholes”, these are very sharp and sleek. ...
  2. Smooth Lapel Roll. ...
  3. Self Lining. ...
  4. hand-Set Collar. ...
  5. Genuine Horn Buttons. ...
  6. Surgeon's Cuffs. ...
  7. Seam Allowance. ...
  8. Pic Stitching.

Are expensive suits worth it? ›

Expensive suits are worth the investment if you require a high-quality, durable garment for frequent use or special occasions. They offer superior craftsmanship and materials.

How long does a custom suit take to make? ›

A custom suit can take anywhere from a couple of weeks up to a couple of months to make, depending on whether fabrics are in stock, where the suit is actually made, if your suit is true bespoke with a basted fitting, and how busy the tailors are.

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