How Much Does a Suit Cost? (2024)

How Much Does a Suit Cost? (1)

Most know that to get a good suit, they'll have to shell out a chunk of money. While some designer suits are outrageously priced at several thousand dollars, there are plenty of ways to find a perfect suit without breaking the bank too much.

One of the best ways to get the most value for your money is to work with a tailor. Custom-made suits are great value for money since they are tailored to fit your measurements. Plus, thanks to the ease of online supply chain management, it is easier and cheaper than ever to get a suit custom-made.

Factors Affecting Cost Of Tailored Suits

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There are a few main factors that impact the cost of custom-made suits including where they are made, the tailor, and the fabric. Each of these factors impacts both the price and the quality of the final product.

Where is it Made

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The region where the suit is made has a significant impact on how much it will cost. Those made in Middle Eastern or Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, or China, will be less valuable than those made in France, Italy, or a European country. In part, the reason is due to labor costs. In general, Western countries have a higher cost of labor compared to these countries and thus, cost the end consumer more.

The Tailor’s Business

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Tailoring is another major factor affecting the cost of men’s suits. The more tailoring required for a suit impacts its price. This includes adjustments to seams and buttons as well as measuring for the right size and length of sleeves, pants, and other parts of the suit. More expensive tailors will also usually have considerably higher stitching and design skills.

Indeed, like some other businesses, the design affects tasks just as it affects costs. A few tailors purchase and stock their materials. Others shop and get theirs abroad.

The Quality of Fabric

Fabric is one of the main factors that affect the cost of men’s suits. Fabrics can be expensive or cheap based on where they are sourced as well. Italian and French fabrics are going to cost a lot more than those from China and other Asian countries. Higher-quality and more expensive fabrics will also be more durable and will last longer than those of lesser quality.

Fabric can also be an important factor in determining how many stitches per inch there are on the suit because, as you may know, higher stitches per inch can lead to higher quality.

Why are suits so expensive?

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Men's suits are usually more expensive than other types of clothing due to the number of components that make up one suit. For example, the average man's suit has 15 components while others have between 13-15.

Another reason for the high relative cost is the material that goes into it. There are several different types of materials that go into most suits, and not all of them are cheap.

A good suit should last a very long time, and should still look good after it has been worn many times.


In any case, when discussing suits, we talk about more costly materials. Most general suits are made out of wool, which is an expensive material to start with. Many are also lined with silk or some other form of lining, which is not cheap either. Even those with non-silk lining will be somewhat expensive because having to order multiple different materials is more costly than ordering one material (as you would for a t-shirt).


Constructing a suit is significantly more convoluted than sewing a shirt and therefore, it is more costly. When contrasted and a shirt as well as in contrast with a lot of different pieces of clothing.

There is a great deal of hand sewing involved in constructing a suit as well. Given that there are usually around 15 components to every suit, the stitching alone can take from four hours to upwards of seven or eight. In addition to the amount of time it takes to construct a suit because it has so many parts, all those different parts must fit together perfectly.

Buying A Basic Suit That Suits Your Style

The Basic Suit ranges from $300 to $599, though it is easy to spend more. It’s considered to bea solid price point for the first suit. This category includes the most common fit types, wool/poly blend materials, and basic color schemes. The Basic Suit is a great choice for those who want something simple and dependable to wear to the office, a job interview, or any basic professional event that would require one.

Here are a few tips to find the suit that is right for you:

Being stylish is the key

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The suit you're wearing says a lot about you. When you wear a suit out, you'll want to turn some heads. You'll want people to take a good look at you, and you'll want them to think that you're someone who makes great choices. That is why it's important to choose a suit that sets your style apart from the rest of the crowd. Contemporary, trend-driven subtleties, including double vents, top lapels, and an assortment of examples and textures are currently feasible at the $300 edge.

Custom-tailored suits will fit you well

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A custom-tailored suit will highlight your best features and feature a design that is tailored to the unique requirements of your body. Made from high-quality fabrics, such as wool or cashmere, these suits provide unbeatable comfort and durability. Customizing your suit ensures it fits tightly around the shoulders and arms while leaving enough room for movement. In addition, a custom-tailored suit will not limit your range of motion in any way.

Buy the best quality you can afford

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It is advisable to focus on buying a good quality suit that truly reflects your style and offers you optimal comfort for just over $300 instead of buying an average quality suit under $300

Custom suits

are more expensive than off-the-rack suits. Aside from the price tag, custom suits are known for their quality and craftsmanship. However, people who can't afford one can opt for cheaper alternatives without sacrificing elegance and good fit.

A custom suit made by an experienced tailor will surely have a better fit compared to ready-to-wear suits. When buying a custom-made suit, you can have it tailored to fit your measurements without any hassles. If you are on the heavier side, choose a fabric that is slightly lighter than usual so that it doesn't hug your body too tightly.

If you're looking for an edgier look then go with slim-fit suits. They will make you look a bit taller and slimmer. This type of suit is ideal for those with an athletic build, as it provides the room that's needed to move around easily. For those who don't have a strong athletic physique, this kind of fit might not be advisable as it tends to emphasize your body size even more.

Fabric might work

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When considering all things style, it's also important to consider the material of your suit. For example, a wool blend fabric would be the ideal choice for a professional but trendy look. It is durable and will keep you looking sharp whether it's worn with a casual tie or a dress shirt. On the other hand, if you're going for a more modern look, consider a double or triple-breasted wool suit in navy, gray, or black.

Explore the lining

Eye-catching linings were before a sign of just the more costly suits. Presently you’ll see them at lower value focuses. This is because linings now are presently regarded as a style accent, and they’re accessible in different materials – from silk to polyester – so they don’t have to develop with the suit.

When exploring different lining options, remember that you want the style of lining to match the style of the suit. Using a polyester lining with a wool suit is not effective. It would be much more complementary to have a silk or rayon lining in the same style as the suit, which will also keep you comfortable for longer periods of time during the day. Linings printed with patterned fabrics are also great ways to catch attention and start a conversation.

Keep in mind, it is possible tobuy a damn fine suit for under $300as well, it can just be harder to come by.

Buying A Moderate Suit That Fits Your Style

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The Moderate Suit is a great choice for those who want to feel stylish and support contemporary trends. This category includes slim fit, stretch fabrics, and color options that have been trending as of late. The Moderate Suit is perfect for those looking to invest in something dressier than a Basic Suit but not as expensive as an Ultra-expensive Suit. Typically, they range from $600-$999. When it comes toformal wear at astoundingly affordable pricescheck out Flex Suits as they have the best formal wear that will fit any style.

Here are a few tips to find the suit that is right for you:

Pound the chest

The most essential component in custom-fitted clothing is the chest piece, which is either sewn in or stuck. Sometimes you'll want to have both. The chest piece is the largest part of the suit aside from the pant legs, so it provides a more complete fit. When choosing a chest piece, carefully examine the material. It may be beneficial to invest in a chest piece that is made of wool if you live in an area with higher humidity or just want something more durable.

Look for the pockets

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A key difference you'll notice once you start to spend this amount on a suit is the pocket structure. On low-priced suits, the chest pockets are square boxes. On suits above $600, they move towards becoming crown pockets. What this means is that these pockets are not perfectly squared off. Instead, they extend above and below the shirt, forming a shape that looks like a triangle. Crown pockets also allow for more efficient storage of your pocket square or handkerchief.

Look for machine stitching

Machine sewing in a respectably priced suit is commonly brilliant and looks hand-sewn. If you see noticeable imperfections, it is best to look for a different suit because it will not be worth the money. A small flaw can be overlooked in a Basic Suit, but on a Moderate Suit, this could ruin the entire outfit. It is essential that your dress shirt and shoes match as well, so make sure they coordinate accordingly if you already own a preferred shoe brand.

The fabric is the key

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In moderate range, you can discover even better textures, incorporating fascinating blends with silk, linen, bamboo, and wool. Many of these fabrics may also be blended to make the suit even better for your needs. Linen, cotton, and silk are frequently blended with wool because it is flexible yet durable. This mix makes the suit wearable for hot seasons since it will be breathable while also providing you warmth.

Carry a load

At this price, suits start to offer at least four inside pockets, custom-made for carrying pens, cell phones, passports, and other miscellaneous items. You may also find that more expensive suits come with a fifth pocket, which is great for storing your iPhone. This is the easiest way to hack the inside of a suit and make it more useful for daily wear. Nowadays, there are some models coming with an extra inside pocket (often hidden) where you can store cash or credit cards for immediate access.

Buying An Expensive Suit That Suits Your Style

The Expensive Suit is great for those who are looking to make a statement. This category includes an abundance of fabric options, including both pure wool and wool blended with fibers like linen, silk, or bamboo. The result is a luxuriously light fabric that is flexible enough for all seasons. The Expensive Suit ranges from $1,000 and up and will typically be either custom-made with the best fabrics or designed by one of the best designers.

Canvas the territory

Past the $1,000 value point, you can anticipate full-or half-canvas development—sewn, not stuck, for soundness. You can find even more choices, like full or half-lined (the under-fabric is lined with silk) and pick between twofold interlinings. You can also discover more of the finest materials like horsehair (for additional stiffness), cashmere, silk, mohair, and alpaca.

Half canvas means that the company uses a layer of canvas that has been sewn to the backside of the suit. It is not stuffed, but it does give some stiffness and support to the chest area.

Half Canvas suits are best for you if you are at least 6'0" tall. You can get both half canvas or full canvas construction, depending on your budget.

Go with a half-canvas suit if you're on a budget, but desire the most natural feel. You can also go full canvas if you want a slight stiffening to enhance a sharp silhouette and improve the drape of the fabric over your frame.

Half canvas suits are generally for men who are approximately 5'9" in height.

Full canvas construction allows the suit to become more fitted because of the natural reactions of the fabric to being sewn. When you have a full canvas suit, it will be softer and easier to move around due to its flexibility. Half-canvas suits are perfect halfway options between the two.

Investigate the stitching

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Hand sewing makes for an increasingly slick suit and one that wears better and keeps going longer. Most suits in this price range should be meticulously hand-sewn.

You can anticipate parallel stitching with cross-stitching, which is the ideal plan. The stitches should be even and unbroken across the full suit with no loose threads or puckered layers of fabric.

A good quality suit should have hand-sewn buttonholes on the sleeves. Hand-sewn buttonholes are more durable and look better than machine-made ones.

If there is some stitching visible on your lapel or around the buttons, that's not a problem unless it is extremely thick (like thread) and very noticeable. A Good quality suit will have a thin thread.

It’s fabric all the way

How Much Does a Suit Cost? (14)

Around $1,000 and up, textures are remarkable, including worsted wools that break the 200s. When you touch a suit priced this high, you should be able to tell right away. It is an ideal choice for those who want to have the best of the best and look amazing, but don't care about the price tag at all.

Unlike Mid-Range Suits, Expensive Suits typically don't come with machine stitching and typically opt for hand sewing. When your suit is constructed of better materials, you can feel the difference in quality and durability. The fabric is softer to the touch and it is more comfortable when wearing your suit for a long period of time.

Flash the lining

Your $1,000 or all the more additionally gets both of you separate linings, one for the coat and another for the sleeves. What this means is that your sleeve lining will be optimized for your arms and your coat lining will be optimized for your body.

These separate linings will allow you to wear the suit comfortably and easily. This is a huge factor as it allows for maximum comfortability as well as convenience, which is always something good to have in a suit.

Watch for buttonholes

Working buttonholes on the sleeves are a surefire approach to ID an expensive suit. On many cheaper suits, the buttons are simply sewn on for aesthetic purposes without a functional buttonhole underneath. While there isn't much actual functionality to it, the lack of working buttonholes can appear cheesy and like a rip-off.

The difference between cheap and expensive suits

How Much Does a Suit Cost? (15)

The main difference between cheap and expensive suits is that great quality comes with a higher price tag. On top of this, more fit is given to the wearer so the fit is excellent.

The materials are typically better as well which means they are softer on the touch and will feel more comfortable against your skin. They also look better on another level because they have a nice, sleek appearance. If you have a few hundred dollars to spare and you want a top-tier suit that will look amazing on you as well as feel comfortable at the same time, then go for an expensive suit.

Final Thoughts on Men's Suit Cost

The cost you pay for clothing usually represents a mixture, in various degrees, of the factors above. Of course, spending the most money on a suit might not get you the best. There are plenty of great deals on suits for much cheaper. However, you do get what you pay for when it comes to clothes. But, the bottom line is that by investing in good quality clothing from the beginning, you can make it last longer and look better.

If you are on a budget, there are good-looking suits for $600-$999 that you can tailor to make look higher-priced. There are also great suits that you can find in the $300-$599 range that would get the job done. The Expensive Suit is really more of a prestigious thing and you can get away from spending less money on specific occasions (unless you can really afford it).

When it comes to a high-quality suit at a great price check out Flex suits. Their suits sell for extremely low prices and they have a full range of sizes from small to 5X. They also offer free shipping within the United States on all their products. Click the link below to learn more.

Visit Flex Suits Today!

People also Ask:

Is 300 a good price for a suit?

It depends. Like we discussed earlier, there are many factors that go into deciding whether $300 is a good value or not. If there are defects or the suit doesn't fit, it is not a good price. If the suit fits and you are happy with the fabric, it would be worth it. We offerformal wear at astoundingly affordable pricesand many of our suits fall into the $300 range.

How much should you spend on a suit for work?

For work, you should spend a little bit more on your suit (and you should probably get a few). A cheap suit or an off-the-rack suit won't fit your body the way it should. Plus, a suit that is going to be worn close to every day should be durable enough to last through years of that. A cheaper suit will not yield that durability.

How much does a full suit cost?

It depends on a lot of factors. Fabrics, stitching, location of production, fit, designer, and overall quality can all impact the cost of your suit. First, decide how much you are willing to spend and find the best options in that price range.

Is a $1000 suit worth it?

As we said, that is up to personal preference. Some people (even those who lack money) may see the value in a very expensive suit because of how it makes them feel, look, or act. Others may not see the value in it. You will usually get the best of the best, buthigh clothing price does not equate to high clothing qualityall the time.

How Much Does a Suit Cost? (2024)


How Much Does a Suit Cost? ›

Things You Should Know

How much does a suit normally cost? ›

The standard suit: $501–$1,000

Most men will be comfortable in this price category as the value for money seems to offer a good balance.

Is $300 a good price for a suit? ›

It depends. Like we discussed earlier, there are many factors that go into deciding whether $300 is a good value or not. If there are defects or the suit doesn't fit, it is not a good price. If the suit fits and you are happy with the fabric, it would be worth it.

Is a $200 suit worth it? ›

It really depends on your budget, and how often/hard you're going to wear your suit. If you're looking for a workhorse suit that you can rely on 2-3 times/week, a $200 RTW number will not last. You'll end up buying a new one every six months.

Why are suits so expensive? ›

Expensive Suit: Due to the use of high-quality materials and meticulous construction, expensive suits tend to be more durable. They can withstand regular wear and are less prone to wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan.

How are suits so expensive? ›

Quality of Materials

Expensive Suit: Expensive suits are typically crafted from premium materials such as high-quality wool, silk, or cashmere. These materials offer superior comfort, durability, and a luxurious feel.

Is $500 for a suit too much? ›

Experts recommend spending around $500 for a quality suit.

The $500 range will give you everything you need in a basic suit: quality stitching, nice fabric, and neutral, versatile colors. It isn't the cheapest suit you can get, but it's definitely not the most expensive, either.

Can you tell an expensive suit? ›

Most expensive suits should be made from at least a pure wool. If you want quality, never choose polyester mixes. Ideally you're looking for anything above a Super 100s wool. This means the fabric is smoother and has less thread count per meter, making it super soft and luxurious to touch and feel.

What is the most expensive suit? ›

The Stuart Hughes Diamond sports suit is priced at $892,500. The World Record Academy records that the Stuart Hughes suit is the world's most expensive. The House of Bijan packs suits that can cost upwards of $25,000. The Fleur de Lys tuxedo took over 800 hours to create and costs $100,000.

Is $2000 too much for a suit? ›

No, $2,000 won't buy you the best suit in the world, made from the most expensive fabrics with the most elaborate handwork, but you will get something that is good, that will stand the test of time, and that's comfortable to wear.

Are 100 dollar suits good? ›

The materials that they are made of; $100 suit will likely be stiff, but probably fairly durable. $1000 suit will be softer…and SHOULD look damned good. Don't suto automatically assume that a $1000 suit is better just because it's more expensive…it really all depends on where you buy it and who makes it.

Is it cheaper to buy or hire a suit? ›

When it comes to buying a suit, the cost will naturally be higher. However, you will be able to wear this suit multiple times, which means it will not take long to become more cost-effective compared to hiring.

What is the difference between a $500 suit and a $5000 suit? ›

$500 vs. $5,000

The intimate details like hand-sewn sleeves and multiple fittings allow the tailor to understand your unique body movements and style. A $500 custom suit will fit you well standing still. A $5,000 bespoke suit and shirt will fit you no matter what you do!

Is it cheaper to tailor a suit or buy a new one? ›

Though a tailored suit will come at a higher price than off the rack, money will undoubtedly be saved in the long run. This is because a good tailor will invest time to make sure that every inch of your suit is made to an exceptionally high standard.

Why are men's suits so expensive? ›

Long, strong, natural fibers are most desirable for quality garments, but take the most effort, skill, and cost to produce.. Respectablesuit brands use high-quality, long-wearing material. A suit needs over 3.5 yards of fabric to make, so it's certainly a decent chunk of the overalltcost.

How much does a really expensive suit cost? ›

The world's most expensive suit, sold at a charity auction in 2017, went for $3.2 million. The Kiton K-50 suit can cost up to $60,000. The William Fioravanti suit takes up to 6 months to create and cost $22,000. The Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke Suit can cost up to $47,500.

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